Plateau, self-published, 2015
Designed by Aaron Canipe
Printed by Conveyor Studios
Digital offset
88 pages
8.5" x 9.5"
Perfect bound
Edition of 100

“It seemed to him that the Square, itself the accidental masonry of many years, the chance agglomeration of time and of disrupted strivings, was the center of the universe. It was for him, in his soul’s picture, the earth’s pivot, the granite core of changelessness, the eternal place where all things came and passed, and yet abode forever and would never change.”

—Thomas Wolfe, THE LOST BOY

This series is an exploration of the North Carolina piedmont, a region of the state that sits between the mountains and the coast. The portraits, still lives and landscapes that make up this series were made in over 20 North Carolina counties. This series is a documentation of the changing North Carolina piedmont region and people with an emphasis on creating a fictional place. Plateau is the story of locating lost innocence and finding global meaning in local places.